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Mr. Quinn is a busy guy, but always has time for some form of peek-a-boo. He looooves to pop out from behind something and say "Peet!". But he also loves it when we hide, pop out and scare the daylights out of him.

He also loves to hold little things in his hands (one of his favorites is my mascara).

It's so fun to see him starting to pretend with his toy animals and cars.

Such a cheerful little guy!


Colin & Casey

Taking pictures of little boys is a lot like taking care of them. It's the most fun and exhausting thing I can think of!

You keep them entertained.

You try to make them laugh.

You let them get their energy out.

You catch a rare moment of stillness.

And then, most importantly of feed them.

But be ready, because now they're ready to run again.



I've been meaning to post some pictures from our last trip to Illinois. It was a busy few days including a wedding and lots of visiting with family. So it's always nice to go relax at my dad's house amid the busy schedule. The surroundings are so peaceful and beautiful and I can tell that Quinn already loves it there! Here's a little tour of my dad's property:

Smelling flowers:

Petting bees:

Exploring with Grandpa Steve:


Libby - senior pictures

I love meeting and photographing high school seniors! Libby suggested the Joslyn Art Museum as the backdrop for some of her photos because it holds special meaning for her and I'm so glad she did. What a gorgeous setting and beautiful girl!



This is how Quinn smells flowers (from about a foot away, face all scrunched up, blowing air in and out of his nose). Love this child.